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WELCOME to the site of Sant Rolane Uniform Manufacturer. You are one step nearer to the making of highly graded uniform by Sant Rolane™. As you browse through our website, you'll get to know more about us (Cost Leadership & Differentiation), and of course, you'll also get to see some of our products which are highly in demand.

Uniform is the key to raise your company to the next platform     ( Click me!! )

Some people might have a misconception that uniforms are boring and old-fashioned, but times have changed. There are now much more designer styles available, from the most sought after trends to the latest fashion features. We can give you sound ideas, but if you hate it, you can choose to be your own fashion designer. We will follow your requirements and fufill your expectation needs. Besides the design and appearance, there are many benefits that you might not even have thought of.

  • Benefits to the Company:

-Your staff will portray a neat and professional image.
-Your staff will become walking billboards for your brand when they go for lunch or go for other appointments.
-Your staff will stand out. This is particularly important during trade shows and other marketing related events.
-Your staff will be unique and distinct as no one from the general public will have the same outfit as them.
-Your staff will be punctual as there will be no more time wastage on selection of outfit in the morning.

  • Benefits to the Employees:

-Uniforms would give your employees a sense of unity and belonging.
-Uniforms promote equality, hence, there would be less pressure among the employees.
-Uniforms have a positive impact on the employees, they would be more conscious with their behaviour.
-Uniforms could save your employees' time and trouble from thinking of what to wear to work.

  • Benefits to the Customers:

-Customers will know whom to approach for assisstance.
-Customers see staff as an extention of the brand, and the uniform makes them feel more comfortable.

Designs Alteration Clientele

Uniform Designs

We have more than 30 years of experience in this sector. This allow us to create wonders to our designs. We believe in one thing, and that is, when you take care of the details, the rest will take care of themselves. As a professional tailor, we not only tailor fine clothings, but we will also tailor to meet individual requirements. For a quotation, please give us a call or simply send us a message here.


Alteration Services

Let's face it! Sometimes our waist gets smaller, but most of the time, it's our clothes that seem to be getting smaller. For whatever reasons, should you need a surgery, please look for us. We'll perform professional surgery (not on you but......) to your clothes. One more inch to make it perfect? We might be located just a few inches away. Just hop in to one of our alteration stations here.


Our Customers

We have a very wide range of customer groups, ranging from Dental & Medical, Food & Beverages, Electrical, Logistics, and etc. We hope that with every new customer, we get another chance to become better, and not just better than the competition, but better than ourselves. We appreciate and value your opinions, compliments and of course, criticisms. Please donate your valuable comments here.