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About Us

We have been rolling in this industry for more than 3 decades. Throughout the years, we have developed a good reputation and have also gained great market shares. We are proud to be the pioneer of manufacturing BIG sizes apparels in Singapore. Some people would say that we have a great vision, but what we actually did was just to dive into our consumers' heart to find out what they really want. We aim to deliver quality products and reliable services. This is our mission and it's also our promise to our valued customers, and you are just one of them.


Cost Leadership

We understand that Cost might be just one of the main factors that would affect a company's decision making. We know this indisputable fact, and so does everyone else. That is the reason why we are very careful with our price setting. We make sure that our price is reasonable, affordable, and most importantly, unbeatable. We are able to give you a better price because of our ability to maintain a lower manufacturing cost. We can assure you that by doing so, we are not forsaking the quality of our products. We are able to maintain the high standard simply because we have our own factory and a group of loyal, experienced and capable workers. Being a leader of the industry, we truly feel that our great savings should be brought forward to you.



Some of our regular customers said that we are really different from other uniform manufacturing companies (in a good way I presume). Come to think about it, one element has played an important part, and that is, Flexibility. Well, unfortunately, it's not so much about the pricing but rather, the services that we deliver. We have also extended our flexibility to you by giving you more than 10 alteration stations island wide. Of course we will be more than happy to come to you in the initial stage, but after that, you could simply make use of our alteration services for your small but significant changes.